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Professional Services


Building long-term relationships with a personalized touch is the main goal of Industrial Pro Recruiting.  If you’re looking for something more specific or specialized beyond the list below, please get in touch to discuss how we can best help you.

Construction Worker

Direct Placement or Temp. to Hire

We aim to find great employees for great companies, in the most efficient way possible.  We add value by utilizing our tools and talent to source and place candidates in permanent roles.  Additionally, our temp. to hire service can be used to fill project roles on a temporary basis.

Attraction and Retention Consulting

Sometimes organizations need help attracting and retaining top talent.  As a previous hiring manager turned recruiter, I have a specialized view from both sides of the fence.  Let me utilize my expertise and help your organization tweak the hiring process to attract and retain great talent.

Business Research
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Working with Coffee

Pre-Screens & Reference Checks

Industrial Pro Recruiting prides itself on providing great talent for great companies.  We will only present candidates that have been personally pre-screened and verified as a match by an experienced human - not an algorithm.  

Candidate Services

For the diamonds in the rough!  We help candidates through the hiring process, from resume creation, to filling out applications and preparing for the interview.  The objective is to help people earn positions that will enhance their lives.

Job Interview

Connect today for more details about the services offered.

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