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Founder & President - Jerome D. Jackson

I grew up primarily around industry.  Started my working career in the mid-90's as a laborer and progressed over 25+ years to ultimately become the General Manager of a regional business unit that employed over 100 workers and generated over $100MM in revenue annually.  My father instilled a strong work ethic in me at a very young age, while my mother made sure I used that work ethic to continuously educate myself.  This included formal education and good old-fashioned on the job training.  I decided to change careers and use my experience to help others realize their goals.  Throughout my life, I've made mistakes, endured heartaches and lived through personal tragedies all by the grace of God.  This taught me many lessons.  Most importantly, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE for those with faith.  Over time, I learned what it takes to make it and have realized that I genuinely love seeing people win.  Recruiting became a natural part of my progression.  


Helping to match great companies with great candidates has become a passion for me.


What better time than now to pursue your goals!  Whether you are a company or an individual, don't wait another minute. 

Let's talk soon!

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